2x A World About To Dawn
7.8% Helles Bock

2x The Night That Ends At Last
9.4% Elderberry Doppelbock

For this tremendous pair of bocks we have stuck to the traditional German brewing method of brewing in winter and cold storing in the cellar to be cracked open and enjoyed in spring, celebrating the passing of the dark, cold winter months and embracing the emergence of the spring light.

The cold maturation has been a labour of love as these two develop, resulting in a duo of bright, crisp lagers ready to be savoured throughout this season of new beginnings.

A World About To Dawn is a smooth, malty bock with plenty of body and a delightful sweetness ushering in the bright spring.

The Night That Ends At Last provides an interesting juxtaposition with the dry, fruity elderberries reminding us of the winter just passed. Clashing with the sweet and robust doppelbock base, they have become one during the cellaring period to create something special.


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