Total Ripeout


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13% Banana Split Imperial Pastry Stout
440ml Can

Here at Wild Weather we are known for our more outrageous beers and Total Ripeout could be the peak of our extravagance. At 13%, this is the highest percentage beer we have ever brewed, but you would never know it! A mammoth hit of banana and chocolate greets you as the can is cracked open, before a thick, jet black pour washes into the glass. The creamy, light caramel coloured head sits effortlessly atop the beer awaiting the first sip. A subtle bitterness rounds out the beer as you are reminded of the sweet chocolate sauce that smothers a banana split. Diving deeper, the nutty pistachio flavouring (nut-free) rears its head and before you know it the banana and subtle strawberry are harmonising to create that ever so sweet taste of a full mouthful of banana split. 

As the sweet aroma fills the air, and the flavours linger, and meld together on the tongue we hope to invoke cherished memories of banana splits gone by.

Brewed in collaboration with Tartarus Beers


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